Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library
You are welcome to get access to more than 1 million dissertation theses, 350 thousand digitized book copies free of charge
Series of training lectures "RSL electronic resources — what, where and how to search"
In January 2023, the Russian State Library holds a series of training lectures for beginning users of the RSL electronic resources.

Library Collections
Approximately 1 million documents (dissertation theses and author’s abstracts)
The Russian State Library (RSL) is a unique repository of authentic dissertation theses defended in our country since the year of 1944 in all subjects and specializations except for Medicine and Pharmacy. On the basis of that peerless collection, there was formed the Digital Library of Dissertations of the Russian State Library (DLD RSL) containing digitized copies of the dissertation theses and author’s abstracts. Beginning with the year of 2007, the DLD RSL has been acquiring all kinds of dissertation theses including works in Medicine and Pharmacy.
Current list of Virtual Reading Rooms
For providing access to the RSL digital resources, from December 2003 on, there has been under way the project of launching RSL Virtual Reading Rooms.

Since the 1st of January, 2008, the RSL has been entering access contracts with libraries or other organizations containing libraries as their structural units. These contracts launch RSL Virtual Reading Rooms on the premises of the customers’ libraries.
News and Announcements
Questions and Answers
An RSL Virtual Reading Room is the premise of a public library with workplaces equipped with personal computers with permanent IP addresses and access to the Internet, sufficient to serve RSL virtual readers with the collections of the RSL Digital Library.
RSL Projects
  • National Digital Library
    The National Digital Library (NDL) is a project represented by a one-stop portal and search system. Its aim is to provide users with open access to the collections of Russian libraries.
  • Antiplagiat.RSL
    Testing textual documents for plagiarism is realized against full-text database “RSL Digital Library” with the usage of “Specialized Document Processing Software”.
  • RSL Internet Store of Services
    The project is targeted at securing information availability, taking orders and providing quality service in an automated mode. Orders are made in compliance with the terms of service provision and FSFI RSL Price List of Additional Services.
  • RSL Remote Network Resources
    You are welcome to explore our remote network resources (RNR), which are databases hosted on remote servers and accessible on the Internet.
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