Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Congratulating on the All-Russian Library Day

Our dear colleagues and friends,

Let us congratulate you on the All-Russian Library Day!

Since the ancient times, libraries have been temples of knowledge. The libraries of nowadays keep inside the treasures of world experience and innovative achievements. While preserving cultural and historical heritage, libraries’ mission is to form the future by creating the conditions for cumulating and developing intellectual potential of the nation. By providing access to creditable resources, libraries of the present are destined to satisfy users’ information demands as well as to frame those needs on the basis of relevant data and progressive decisions.

We wish all of you and everyone fresh ideas and bold projects to be realized, never-ending charm of getting acquainted with something new or sharing the knowledge obtained before, delightful findings and unforgettable impressions. And let library remain a sacred place for hearted and rewarding communication for you, which in its turn would certainly transform into a long-term intimacy with books and reading as a basis for the reasonable, beautiful, kind and ever-lasting.