Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Research and practical conference "Artificial Intelligence in Library and Information Workflows"

29 May, 2024, the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted research and practical conference "Artificial Intelligence in Library and Information Workflows".

The event gathered over three hundred participants, in person and online. Librarians and scientists, experts and IT specialists alongside with aggregators of information resources from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other bordering countries were discussing problems and prospects of artificial intelligence capabilities, sharing their experience of development and usage of AI applications, learning about latest trends and innovations implemented.

Professional speeches and live talks were devoted to general matters like the history of development of the artificial intelligence systems and separate aspects of usage of AI products in library work. They considered technical frames for specialised software capabilities, potential of innovative search tools and typical staff problems too. Then, there were mentioned security issues and global prospects of the librarian-job and library as such. To crown it all, there were described real cases of implementation of technologies into library workflows of the establishments of diverse levels and there were announced the oncoming thematic events.

Streams are available on the link.