Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Series of online lectures "Treasures of the Russian State Library"

In April 2023, we continue our series of online lectures "Treasures of the Russian State Library". April 13th, Candidate of Art Studies, counsellor of the direction board of the RSL Natalya Yu.Samoylenko spoke about Abraham Norov's journey around Sicily and about the album of sketches by Theodore Matveev, an outstanding Russian landscape painter the works of whom had been admired not only in Russia, but in Italy as well.

Abraham S. Norov, Russian statesman and scientist, traveller and writer, participant of Borodino Battle of the War of 1812, he committed a journey around Eastern Europe in 1821—1822. He visited Germany, France and Italy. Further on the book written by Mr Norov upon his experience and impressions was purchased as a part of his library holdings by Alexander II for the Rumiantsev museum collections.

As for Theodore Matveev's sketches, initially they were planned as illustrations for the book. However the artist died in Italy, where he had had to spend the greater part of his creative live, not long before the book was published. The album sheets which were to be the basis for the book engravings remained at Mr Norov's as they were.

At the online lecture one could have a glance at the very book, for the copy which had once been gifted by the master to his father was kept in Leninka. There was also presented the album which had been attributed by the specialists of the RSL Artistic editions department a few years ago.

Video lecture is available over here.

The next lecture is going to take place after a little break, in September. It would be devoted to the albums by Jean-François Thomas de Thomon.