Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Seminar “Development of the system of legal deposit copies in the digital age”

30 May 2023, the officials of the Client service department of the Russian State Library took part in the first seminar of series “Development of the system of legal deposit copies in the digital age” organized with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The attendees summed up the results of the Russian Book Chamber becoming a part of the Russian State Library. In spite of the fact that the process had been carried out carefully to the utmost degree, the workflow revealed certain problems. By Vadim V. Duda, the director general of the RSL, the first one to be dealt with was to remove duplicate functions.

Then the invited specialists went on directly to the theme of legal deposit copies, beginning with legislation and up to the technical aspects of submitting documents. There were also discussed problems of motivating publishers and fighting piracy. An issue of importance turned out to be costs and expenses for supplying the needed number of legal deposit copies.

Finally, several speeches were devoted to the prospects of the National Book Platform resource. There was demonstrated agenda for updating the current test version. With regard to all the proposals made, the attendees of the seminar admitted work over the resource had to be terminated as soon as possible, which was of considerable interest for both, libraries and publishers.