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New videos of the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature

The Centre of Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library continues publishing its videos devoted to the culture of Asia and Africa. Try out our new streams among which there are three lectures covering diverse aspects of the main theme of Arabian calligraphy presented by teacher of calligraphy of the Qatar Centre of Arabian, calligraphist and illustrator of the “Medina” publishing house Sergey Sorochiyev. With a live and figurative language and subtle smart humour the head of the centre of Arabian calligraphy and design “Kalam-Soul Studio” will tell his audience about the sources of the art, about the peculiarities of the calligraphy in its Arabian script, about its kinds and forms. In which ways does the “speech of the soul to its Creator” find its manifestations in the Christian traditions? Why do they write right to left? What is known about the schools of Arabian calligraphy in Russia pre-revolutionary and of nowadays? Is there place for women in the traditionally Islamic art? Join our streams and you will learn much more!

Lecture “Arabian calligraphy. Routes. Religious aspects. Classical Styles” is available on the link, here you can get the broadcast of “Arabian calligraphy. Russian heritage and resurrection”, while lecture “Arabian calligraphy. Woman’s deal. Ornaments and šamail‎” can be accessed over here.

Besides, there can be watched the stream of the public talk organized by the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature in cooperation with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and devoted to Zambia, its culture and traditions as viewed by the Zambian people (as Aaron Mveva Kassonde, ex-president of the fellowship of Zambian students) and by the representatives of the Russian culture (as Andrew Surkov, post graduate of the department of international relations of the RUDN university).

The video is available over here.