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Lecture “About myths, kings and propaganda – the “Shahnameh” by Ferdowsi in Iranian political narratives of the 19-20th centuries”

The Centre of Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library offers you a new lecture from the series devoted to the culture and art of Asian and African peoples. Candidate of Philology, senior lecturer of the Institute of Oriental and Classical Studies of the Higher School of Economics Maxim A. Alontsev spoke on the peculiarities of the process of creation and on other interesting circumstances connected with the first largest epic work in the New Persian language which became not only the best-known masterpiece of the Persian literature, but a certain symbol of state authority for a number of centuries and an eloquent means of propagating the ideas of national identity being formed. What did you hear about the “Shahnameh” by Abu Mansur? Why was it Ferdowsi’s creation to become so branded and widely-circulated, for it could be compared to the number of religious pieces issued and spread? In what way were the “Shahnameh” plots adapted within the historical contexts and for political aims of the Iran of the 20th century? All those and lots of other interesting details are going to be revealed in the course of the gripping presentation by Mr Alontsev which is available on the YouTube channel of the Russian State Library.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation.

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