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Lecture "Woman in the history of Japanese literature"

Dear friends,

We remind you that at the Russian State Library a series of events has been organized to make you plunge into the fabulous world of culture of the peoples of Asia and Africa.

21st April 2023 there took place the second lecture of series "Literary worlds of the East and West as seen by the MSLU experts" which was "Woman in the history of Japanese literature". The lecture was organized by the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature together with Moscow State Linguistic University. Natalia Bonadyk, senior lecturer of the MSLU Department of oriental languages of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting and the director of the Centre of the Japanese language and culture of MSLU, narrated how there were altering themes of the prose of women writers with times changing, beginning with the Heian Era, through Meiji and up to the twentieth century.

Video of the lecture is available over here.

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