Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Webinar “Rare and Valuable Books. The Project of the Year of 2024”

February 6, 2024 via the “PRO.Culture.RF” platform there was livestreamed webinar by the RSL “Rare and Valuable Books” project office.

Tatyana Sidorova, Olga Smelova and Irina Rudenko reported the peculiarities of the project to appear in the year of 2024 and described the steps its potential participants were to undertake. The RSL speakers specified how the request had to be formed, clarified certain matters related to the test copy-producing and reminded the audience that there was coming a seminar devoted to the digitisation issues.

Then there was given advice how to make bibliographical description correctly. A point of a particular attention turned out to be accompanying documents which were to be made, collected and attached in a proper way.

The officials of the library of the Polytechnic Museum who were the curators of new section “Development of Technology and Natural Sciences – from Newton to Ampere” spoke on its contents and on the new methodology developed especially for those who wished to add their rare and valuable editions to that very section.

The webinar was terminated by the video of the librarians of the Central Scientific and Technical Library for Building and Architecture which was going to join the project in the coming year.

Video of the webinar can be accessed over here.

All the materials concerning rare and valuable books, beginning with training videos and up to the base of knowledge for the professionals willing to participate in the project, are available at