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Plenary Meeting "Artificial Intelligence or the Art of Intellect"

February 1, 2024, at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation there was held plenary meeting "Artificial Intelligence or the Art of Intellect" within the framework of international research and methodology conference "Foresight of education — the portrait of a teacher of the future". Representatives of over 200 educational establishments of 70 regions of Russia and of 9 foreign countries discussed the state of affairs and prospects of the contemporary education and science, this including the matters of usage of artificial intelligence capabilities in research and qualification works. Advantages and risks being considered, the participants shared their experience and commented the obtained feedback provided by authoritative bodies. Then, there were dealt with the matters of mental transformation of teacher of the future in the context of the coming changes which were found inevitable due to the necessity of implementation of the latest achievements of technology into educational workflows.

February 2, 2024, the conference continued as separate subject discussions. Thus, at the Library and Information Complex of the Financial University there was organized talk "Foresight of Libraries — the Art of Intellect vs Artificial Intelligence". The participants spoke on the potential prospects and consequences of the artificial intelligence in higher education and library practices.

Videos of the plenary meeting and of the subject discussion can be accessed over these links: and

Details are available on the official websites of the conference and the Library and Information Complex of the Financial University.