Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Testing texts for plagiarisms. The "Antiplagiat.RSL" project

Since October 22, 2019 the Russian State Library (RSL) offers individual researchers and organizations a new service. Now they can have their work tested for plagiarism against the full-text database "Digital Dissertation Library of the Russian State Library" with use of "Automated system of specialized text-document processing". As a result, the customer gets a certificate with the report on the test.

On obtaining a request from the customer, the RSL specialists download the received text of the research paper to be tested. The "Automated system of specialized text-document processing", which was specially designed for the RSL by the "Antiplagiat" company, tests the text against the RSL database of dissertation theses and reveals the overlapping fragments. The software calculates the probable volume of the text borrowed, which however can be corrected by an RSL expert whose job is to analyze the character of the coincident parts.

The test being terminated, there is prepared an originality certificate printed on official letterhead, signed by the expert who has carried out the test and by the RSL authorized representatives.

The RSL plagiarism tests are based on the principles of scientific ethics and are organized in full compliance with the RF laws. The specialists realizing the machine-report analysis stay absolutely unbiased and objective.

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