Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Visit of the officials of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science to the RSL

15 — 19 July 2014, the officials of the Central Scientific Library and of the Resource Centre of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) paid their visit to the Russian State Library. The specialists of the RSL provided them with the consultation on a diverse range of subjects that including general matters of library work organization and enhancing reader services, work of automated systems, digitization and preservation of rare and valuable books, library cooperation with different international associations, etc.

17 July 2014, for the ANAS delegation there was arranged a series of meetings with the representatives of several departments of the Information Technologies Complex of the RSL. The matters discussed were the following ones:

· Common library management system. Library software and modules;
· Principles of work and hardware integration for the automated library systems;
· Peculiarities of digitization and preservation of rare and valuable books;
· Providing services for readers. Reader registration and access policies.

The information on the latter issue was presented in Nina Avdeeva's speech. Head of the Administrative department of management and monitoring service for clients of the RSL gave a detailed report on the collections of the RSL Digital Library as well as on the work of the digital catalogue. A point of the speaker's particular attention turned out to be the RSL Digital Library of Dissertations and readers' rules. The resource was available for the Azerbaijani people on the premises of the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F. Akhundov. Apart from describing in details the electronic resources the RSL offered to its readers, Ms Avdeeva drew attention to the electronic services offered by the library and to the RSL Internet Store of Services where remote users could request for either one they wished.
To summarize all that, the Azerbaijan officials' visit to the RSL resulted not only in their getting useful information on running library in general. The director of the RSL Alexander I.Visly would also invite them to join the Library Assembly of Eurasia with the ANAS Central Scientific Library, which could open for the organization prospects of participation in the projects of the Assembly and of entering the common electronic environment of its library members.