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Lectures of the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature. “History of Indonesian Horror” and “Comics in Central Asia”

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The Centre of Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library invites you to see the lectures by the specialists in Oriental studies of Moscow State University perfectly different from one another in their contents and general atmosphere. Marina V. Frolova, candidate of Philology and teacher of the Indonesian language and Literature of Indonesia gives her talk on the dark mysteries of development of cinema in Indonesia. While performing her research, the senior lecturer of the Department of Philology of the Institute of Asian and African Studies managed to distinguish the main traits of transformation of the primordial horror ideas of the Indonesian people and their influencing the modern forms of art and culture in their establishment and close interrelation. What is a “city legend”? What do you know about ‘hantu’ and why do Indonesians prefer to stay home in late hours. And be sure you’ll get even more from our lecture!

The second, lighter discourse is devoted to the manifestation of the ideas of the noble and heroic in the genre which is not at all traditional or specific for the Asian people. What do we call ‘a comic’ and how did the purely American form of visual art came to the East and settled down over there. You will see how do they carry out patriotic up-bringing and develop the comics with their native heroes and national patterns in the post-soviet states from the lecture by Daria Saprynskaya, the researcher of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of Moscow State University and author of Telegram channel “Where’s your hijab, sister?”.

Lecture “History of Indonesian Horror” is available over here (18+);

You are welcome to access “Comics in Central Asia” on the link.