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Online May Lectures of the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature

In May the Centre of Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library continues impressing us by most interesting videos of theirs.

This time, you are welcome to watch the two lectures by Mr Nikolai V. Polonsky, historian and teacher, specialist in ruling dynasties and member of History and Genealogy Society, the Russian Noble Assembly and the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.

The both of the meetings continue the author’s lecture course devoted to the Oriental monarchies (to be exact, the first talk was “Saudi Arabia – between its past and the future”). In a captivating manner, Mr Polonsky describes to his audiences historical and cultural background, details of political and economic life of the countries, which seem to have so much in common but differ greatly in reality. Did you hear that the 2024 New Year’s firework entered the Guinness Book of Records having overcome the previous achievements in two measures? What do you know about the Ministry of Investment? How are the Arab Emirates selling the world? And which parallel can be traced with the Pearl Qatar in this respect?

Why can’t we see the wives of the majority of political leaders of the UAE but have chance to admire outstanding qualities and refined sense of style of Şeiḥa Mūzah bint Nāşir al-Misnid? And how is it possible that in the country where some seven decades years ago there existed slavery you will see no unemployment problems nowadays? Watch the videos, and you will certainly learn much more than that!

“The United Arab Emirates – history, culture and traditions” is over here, lecture “Qatar – an emirate of the Al-Thani Dynasty” is available on the link.

Come and get all the lectures of the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature alongside with lots of other diverse talks on the YouTube channel of the Russian State Library.