Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Lecture “Ebru Art. From the very beginning and up to the modern times”

The Russian State Library continues its series of lectures devoted to the culture of the Asia and Africa peoples. “Art of Ebru. From the very beginning and up to the modern times” is presented by Elena Beloziorova, artist and master of ebru. Here you will get to know all about ebru techniques and its history, from the masterpieces of the old days created in Japan, Persia and Turkey and up to the popular modern tendencies of the contemporary Europe and America, that including the trends taking up the cultural traditions of the original oriental school. Khatib ebru, flower ebru, akkase ebru, “Spanish Wave” or “Tiger Eye”, etc. are being demonstrated in slides, while Elena herself is being occupied with creating the masterpiece of her own. She shares her secrets of making water thicker, introduces special tools and mineral colours, explains the advantages of using bile as a surfactant, etc.

Our video is available over here: Join us. It’s going to be interesting!