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Changes in Federal Law "About Legal Deposit Copies". Roundtable Discussion at the RSL

16th December 2016, at the Conference room of the Russian State Library (RSL) there took place a roundtable discussion devoted to the changes in Federal Law "About legal deposit copies" coming into force January 1st, 2017. The meeting was organized by the Department of dissertations of the RSL.

Among the attendees of the meeting there were specialists of the Centre of Information Technologies and Systems of the executive authorities of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (CITiS) Mr Pavel P. Starikov, its executive director, and Mr Konstantin A. Zadorozhny, head of the department. There were also invited the director of the Central Scientific Medical Library (CSML) of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Mr Boris R. Loginov, its deputy director Ms Liubov A. Matiushenkova and Ms Elena G. Petrovskaya. Among other participants there were numerous representatives of dissertation councils.

The discussion was started by Ms Irina L. Sakirko, head of the RSL Department of dissertations. She introduced the participants and reported general information on the changes of Federal Law № 278-FZ "About legal deposit copies" (dated by 03.07.2016) which were to come in force January 1st, 2017.

The speaker pointed out that due to the alterations introduced by clause 10 "Delivery of legal deposit copies of unpublished documents", since January 1st, 2017, the producers of paper (physical) documents were to submit electronic copies of their theses to the Russian State Library, and works in Medicine and Pharmacy had to be included too.

Head of the RSL Department of dissertations Ms Irina L. Sakirko

The details of the very procedure of transmitting legal deposit copies in the electronic form were clarified by Mr Starikov, executive director of CITiS. The speaker explained that the rules of electronic documents delivery coming into force made it obligatory to sign the theses submitted by qualification electronic signature which in its turn could be acquired at one of accredited certification centres. For the moment of speaking there was reached an agreement for theses to be submitted to the RSL via CITiS. The same agreement was likely to be made with the Central Scientific Medical Library. The documents in the electronic form would be transmitted with the concent of the dissertation council set down in writing.

Executive director of CITiS Mr Pavel P. Starikov

IT director of the RSL Mr Igor A. Gruzdev spoke about advantages of centralized "one-window" submitting of electronic documents through CITiS.

In continuation of the discussions, head of the RSL Department of IT support Mr Vassily V. Pavlov announced launching a new website "Electronic Deposit Copies" in late December of the current year. There were presented the main sections of the coming website and its location on homepage of the Russian State Library

Upon the speakers, all the necessary information concerning the system of submitting legal deposit copies of theses in the electronic form was going to be placed on the official websites of the RSL and of CITiS.

In his turn, Mr Boris R. Loginov, the director of the Central Scientific Medical Library, reminded the officials of the dissertation councils of medical and pharmaceutical sciences that the changes introduced to Federal Law "About legal deposit copies" did not eliminate the necessity of submitting physical theses to the CSML as it had been set from the very beginning. Mr Loginov would also emphasize that the collection of works in medicine and pharmacy stored at the library since the year of 1895 was constantly replenished and would remain as such.

Director of CSML Mr Boris R. Loginov

Further on there were asked and answered numerous questions from the representatives of dissertation councils the themes of which were as follows: liability for submitting legal deposit copies in the electronic form, an authority supervising the process of execution of Federal Law "About legal deposit copies", common procedure of transferring theses to the Higher Attestation Committee under the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and to CITiS, rules of acquiring electronic signature, order of transmitting all the forms of theses in medicine, difference between theses in the electronic form and legal deposits of theses signed by electronic signature, etc.

In conclusion of the discussion its participants admitted the importance of such events and their obvious necessity. That is why there was taken a decision to call a new meeting to solve the questions which would certainly come on starting the new system. The probable period to gather again was late January 2017.

You are welcome to access videos of the roundtable on the Youtube channel of the Russian Association of Digital Libraries.