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Lecture "Basics of Japanese Aesthetics — Wabi"

Dear friends,

We remind you that at the Russian State Library a series of events has been organized to make you plunge into the fabulous world of culture of the peoples of Asia and Africa.

19th April 2023, the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature held lecture "Basics of Japanese Aesthetics — Wabi". That was the third talk on the issues of Japanese aesthetics. The first one dealing with mono noa vu a re, "sombre charm of things", took place 20th January 2023, while the second one (about yuugen, "beauty concealed") was organized on March 3rd. Natalia Diomkina, orientalist and expert in Japanese studies, graduate of the Institute of Asia and Africa States of Moscow State University and author of the @Japaniste_hedoniste Telegram channel shared her knowledge of the 'aesthetics of simplicity' incarnated in Japanese poetry and art. The point of the speaker's particular attention turned out to be Japanese tea ritual as one of the brightest manifestations of the Wabi aesthetics which ought to be known to contemporary connoisseurs.

Video of the lecture is available over here.

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