Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Congratulating on the All-Russia Library Day

Our dear colleagues, readers and friends,

Let the team of the Client services department congratulate you on the All-Russia Library Day!

Book has always been a devoted and wise companion for people. Handwritten or printed, physical or electronic, book has been carrying from one generation to another those basics of the sensible, the kind and the ever-important, without which our life would be impossible. Due to the development of digital technologies, the home of book, i.e. library, comes closer to any of you and makes knowledge and culture more and more available every day. We are happy to see you at the library, online or in person. And we feel your gratitude and appreciation too.

We wish our friendship and cooperation last. And be book our faithful partner and teacher, source of inspiration and motivation, guide to the world of learning and experience and simply a nice friend ever-pleasant to spend time with.