Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library

Opening a VRR RSL at the Central Municipal A.S.Pushkin Library (Perm, Russia)

September 9th, 2019, at the Central Municipal A.S.Pushkin Library (25-Petropavlovskaya Street, Perm, Russia) there took place the ceremony of opening a virtual reading room of the Russian State Library (VRR RSL). The ceremony was conducted by Nina V.Avdeeva, A.V.Lunacharsky award laureate, head of the Administrative department of management and monitoring service for clients of the Russian State Library.

The VRR RSL being launched was organized on the basis of the E-resource room of the Central Municipal A.S.Pushkin Library. Here users were offered comfortable conditions for accessing information resources on the basis of traditional and modern technologies. Readers could explore diverse kinds of electronic information content that including the collections of the National Electronic Library (NEL), databases of scientific and educational books and features. The VRR RSL opening would give the citizens of Perm a chance to broaden their capabilities of access to the scientific information by turning to theses and author's abstracts, the scientific and educational literature of the collections of the Digital Library of the RSL. They would also be able to get acquainted with a magic world of rare books, old maps, sheet music and early printed books.

Among the guests of honour, the ceremony was attended by Elena B. Neganova, head of the Department of culture and youth policy of Perm administration, and Svetlana N. Khaerzamanova, the director of the "Association of Municipal Libraries" establishment. There were also present Elena V. Seziomina, the director of Perm State Regional Universal Library named after A.M.Gorky, and Margarita V. Urikh, the director of Perm Krai Children Library named after L.I.Kuzmin, with heads of educational establishments and librarians. The participants of the ceremony could try working themselves with the full texts of dissertations and author's abstracts in the electronic form. They were also told about peculiarities of access and contents details of the full-text collection.

Left to right: Nina V. Avdeeva, Еkaterina B. Neganova, Svetlana N. Khaerzamanova

The ceremony of the VRR RSL launching at the Central Municipal A.S. Pushkin Library was concluded by the performance of the "Orpheus" chamber orchestra.

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